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2020-04-01 21:47 Dec 05, 2017  The latest Tweets from Dowoon (@DAY6DOWOON95). Roleplayer Yoon Do Woon aka Dowoon Day6 Drummer, Maknae 1995 @2O Brian, Kang

The latest Tweets from dowoon (@day6dowooon). sedikit rated. rln day6 dowoon twitter The latest Tweets from dowoon (@DAY6DOWNY). [RP DAY6's drummer Yoon Dowoon# allday6rp. BusanSeoul

Dowoon has a Twitter now @Dwday6drummer. day6trash. dowoon has a twitter now! please update! truedatruedat. Dowoon wasnt born in Busan. He was born in Seoul but was raised in Busan for most of his childhood. Its a common misconception since he has the Busan satoori, but hes mentioned it himself many times. day6 dowoon twitter

The latest Tweets from Dowoon (@DAY ). DAY6 is the best kpop band you will ever know. please love them a lot. # DAY6inATX. their hands touched mine The latest Tweets from DoWoon (@DAY6Dowoon). DAY6JYP ENTERTAINMENT 6 My one love @GfriendEunHa97. , Everyone! ! Dowoon created a twitter acc! ! ! Go follow him! ! ! Reply to: . AWE: ( BUT ISSOK ONE DAY U WILL day6 dowoon twitter The latest Tweets from Dowoon (@DAY6Dowoon95). roleplayer of DAY6's the youngest member who likes a drum, tory, and hosun more than his hyung. Inactive for The latest Tweets from Day6 Dowoon (@Swegninja98). DAY6 ARE JYPS HIDDEN TREASURE Mar 06, 2019  DAY6 drummer Dowoon has now launched his own Twitter account! On March 6, Jae posted to share the news that Drum has landed on Twitter. Guess who joined us# finally @Dwday6drummer Drum has Korean Bands Btob Vixx Shinee Day6 Dowoon Twitter Update Teaser 2ne1 Bigbang. has released the final teaser for their Every May project. Dowoon closes out the individual for Dance Dance . This song is definitely going to be different than their normal style, and will be a quick paced rock song! zhu.

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